Quality is an essential part of our company. We are certified by the most important and recognized certifying agencies to meet the requirements and exceed the industry standards.

At UltraOrganics we always offer the best products. We have strict controls to ensure our customers get the best quality.

The certificates we have are the following:


Certifications in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPS) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

It is a system that can identify, evaluate and control food safety and allergens, chemical and biological hazards in the processes of production, packaging and distribution. It also looks for hazards or any action which may adversely affect the safety of the product and make further checks to ensure that the product will not cause harm to the consumer.


USDA Organic

We have the organic certification by BCS Öko in the farms and the factory. BCS Öko-Garantie is an independent inspection institute based in Germany to comply with the European and American organic standards. Organic certification allows us to sell, represent and labeled agricultural market.



It is the system of quality control of foods according to Jewish rules, and has universal acceptance.


Certification in Good manufacturing practices and
social audit

Health and safety at work is a key issue for us. We have a social audit to ensure that our work environment is safe for our employees.